Maatkamp Publishing is a publisher and translator of christian books in the Netherlands. The books I publish are not always commercially succesful, but they have proven to be of spiritual value for believers with a hungry heart. Books I have translated for other publishers are listed here (in Dutch only): portfolio.

Recent publications

• Who made God? (paperback, eBook, kobo, iBook), by prof. dr. Edgar Andrews, with a foreword by
   prof. dr. ir. Kees Roos, emeritus professor of mathematics at Delft University of Technology.

• Rapture (paperback, eBook, kobo, iBook), by D. M. Panton

• The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow (paperback, eBook, kobo, iBook), by Constance Cumbey.

• How to Interpret the Apocalypse (paperback, eBook, kobo, iBook), by Robert Govett.

• The Future Apostasy (paperback, eBook, kobo, iBook), by Robert Govett.

Upcoming publications

• Animals - their Past and Future, by G. H. Pember.

• The Jews, the Gentiles and the Church of God in the Gospel of Matthew, by Robert Govett.

• Introduction to the books of the Old and New Testaments (Dutch, 2 vols.), by Maarten Hertoghs.

• Dutch edition of The Finest of the Wheat, by Watchman Nee (2015).

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